Instrumentation: 3333/4331/pf+harp/1+3/archi
Commissioned by the Finnish Broadcasting Company (Yleisradio Oy)

Batteria, which I composed in 2016, continues my exploration of vigorous, virtuosic music, but it also steers my expression towards more extra-musical topics. Throughout the piece the rhythms are strongly tied to the pulse, from a primitive crotchet one to a more relentless clock-like tick. The rhythmic aspect is crystallised in the flash cut to a belligerent march for percussions and brass just before the climax. The arrival, positively hedonistic in its fullness, at an E-major chord at the very height of the piece acts as the firing shot for the final, ecstatic sprint against time towards the finishing line.
Acting as milestones in the overall scheme of Batteria, which lasts about 10 minutes, are loud chords like church bells inspired by the dramatic events in Paris, Brussels and Nice while I was composing the piece. Dedicated to life – À la vie – Batteria is not, however, a political statement; rather, it is purely and simply humane art from one individual to another, privately and personally.
Translated by Susan Sinisalo

Watch Batteria performed by Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra and André De Ridder


“The impression is admirably consistent and enjoyable.” Wilhelm Kvist, HBL 2.2.2017

“Promising opener from a young composer.” Lauri Otonkoski, Helsingin Sanomat 3.2.2017

“Batteria is a bravely personally drawn calling card that may lead far.”
“Batteria on rohkean persoonallisesti piirretty käyntikortti, jolla ratsastaa kauaskin eteenpäin.” Matti Saurama, Demokraatti 3.2.2017

30.11.2019: Bamberg, Bamberger Symphoniker / Klaus Mäkelä
29.11.2019: Bamberg, Bamberger Symphoniker / Klaus Mäkelä, country premiere, broadcasted by BR-Klassik
21.2.2019: Lahti, Sinfonia Lahti / Klaus Mäkelä
19.2.2019: Lahti, Sinfonia Lahti (Kuule minä sävellän) / Klaus Mäkelä
16.11.2018: Turku, Turku Philharmonic / Klaus Mäkelä
15.11.2018: Turku, Turku Philharmonic / Klaus Mäkelä
9.3.2018: Tampere, Tampere Philharmonic / Klaus Mäkelä
14.9.2017: Stockholm, Swedish RSO / Klaus Mäkelä
13.9.2017: Stockholm, Swedish RSO / Klaus Mäkelä, country premiere, broadcasted by P2
1.2.2017: Helsinki, Finnish RSO / Andre de Ridder, world premiere, broadcasted by Yle 1