Pianoquartet “Chasse-Neige”

Instrumentation: violin, viola, cello & piano

In Pianoquartet “Chasse-Neige” my approach was some what orchestral aiming to create a delicate, full and flowing like sound image. The piece consists of waves that are swelling into different moods and situations. The subtitle “Chasse-Neige” refers to Franz Liszt’s identically titled last piece of monumental collection of 12 Transcendental Studies for piano.


“Sauli Zinovjev’s pianoquartet Chasse-Neige includes narrative beauty, melancholy and sadness, which are interestingly illustrated by a piano that may have been damped or otherwise prepared.” Wilhelm Kvist, 5.9.2015, Hufvudstadsbladet

“In Pianoquartet “Chasse-Neige” Sauli Zinoviev writes a late-romantic music par excellence. Wolfgang-Rihm student creates sonic interferences from fast figures, suggesting tonality with seemingly traditional harmonies, but not in a classical way.” Alexander Dick, 24.11,2014, Badische Zeitung

13.8.2019: Turku, Turku Music Festival
8.8.2019: Helsinki, KAMARIKESÄ Festival
24.8.2018: Kirkkonummi, Hvitträsk Chamber Music Festival
3.7.2018: Sysmä, Sysmän Suvisoitto
19.5.2018: Insel Hombroich, Ensemble Recherche
24.3.2018: Ruse March Music Days, Ensemble Recherche
24.11.2017: Jakobstad, Rusk Festival
24.4.2016: Kokkola, Chydenius-kapelli
1.2.2016: Helsinki, NYKY ensemble
4.9.2015: Helsinki, Zagros ensemble
21.11.2014: Freiburg, Ensemble Recherche
6.7.2014: Viitasaari, Ensemble Recherche, broadcasted by Yle