Instrumentation: 2222/2210/1+timp/archi

While I was composing Gryf in Germany in autumn 2013, I was repeatedly reminded of the word “strong” to describe what I was striving to achieve. Flashing like a lighthouse, it illuminated my objective of making music that was moving and in some way meaningful. The word “gryf”, which is Welsh and means “strong”, is in itself misleading as the title of the work, because strength in music is to me stirring sensitivity rather than powerful muscle-flexing or noisy aggression. On the other hand, “gryf”, as an abstract word, exudes primitiveness and underlines even the most robust moments in the work.

The mysterious ability of music to express extreme emotional states and to tell an invisible story has always fascinated me. It is therefore not surprising that I regard the dramaturgy as one of the most important elements of my music.
Translated by Susan Sinisalo

Lahti Symphony Orchestra & Okko Kamu performing Gryf

Kamu Okko_5_Photo Markus Henttonen_2011


“Sauli Zinovjev’s work Gryf (2013) is a beautiful and delicate composition.” Jari Pitkänen, 15.4.2016, Etelä-Suomen Sanomat

“Sauli Zinovjev, whose Gryf expressed an atmosphere distinctly northern with a musical landscape melancholically dark and tranquil.” Hannu-Ilari Lampila, 17.11.2014, Helsingin Sanomat

“Sauli Zinovjev from Finland, proved himself, through his piece Gryf, to be a brilliant talent. His slow-paced composition consisted of both beautiful timbral landscapes and persistent melodies.” Kimmo Korhonen, 12/2014, Rondo

20.2.2019: Jyväskylä, Jyväskylä Sinfonia/Ville Matvejeff
28.4.2018: Helsinki, Siba Kapubändi/Christian Øland
25.9.2017: Helsinki, Helsinki Sinfonietta/Eero Lehtimäki
6.10.2016: Kouvola, Kymi Sinfonietta/Klaus Mäkelä
5.10.2016: Kotka, Kymi Sinfonietta/Klaus Mäkelä
16.4.2016: Hämeenlinna, Sinfonia Lahti/Okko Kamu
14.4.2016: Lahti, Sinfonia Lahti/Okko Kamu, streamed on ClassicLive
14.1.2016: Oulu, Oulu Symphony/James Lowe
14.11.2014: Kotka, Kymi Sinfonietta/Yasuo Shinozaki, broadcasted by Yle
13.11.2014: Kouvola, Kymi Sinfonietta/Yasuo Shinozaki, world premiere

Picture of manuscript of Gryf
Manuscript Gryf