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Works for orchestra

Works for soloist and orchestra


Works for ensemble or chamber orchestra

  • Chorale (2015), 4′, for amateur orchestra (2020/2111/0/archi)
    Premiered by Hauskat Sävelet orchestra conducted by Santtu-Matias Rouvali
  • Jum (2014), 4′, chamber orchestra and mezzo-soprano (1111/2010/perc/arpa/mezzo/11111) pdf
    Premiered by Essi Luttinen and Avanti! conducted by Jaakko Kuusisto
  • Sola (2013), 7′, chamber ensemble (fl,ob,cl,sax,cor,perc,pf,vl,vla,vlc)
    Premiered by Uusinta-chamber ensemble conducted by Jozsef Hars
  • Nova (2012), 8′, chamber ensemble (fl,ob,cl,fg,cor,perc,pf,2vl,vla,vlc)
    Premiered by Esbjerg ensemble conducted by Johannes Liedbergius

Music for stage

  • Syrjä (2016), 20′, for 2 dancers, video, string trio and piano YouTube
    Premiered 20.5.2016 in Pietarsaari, Finland.
    Choreography and directing: Vilma Tihilä
    Visualisation: Tommi Mustaniemi

Chamber music

  • Sospirando 1 (2017), 5-7′, 3-4 percussion
    Commissioned by Awake Percussion.
  • A Due (2016), 7′, flute & guitar pdf
    Premiered by Hanna Juutilainen & Markku Laakso at 5.2.2016 in Sellosali, Espoo.
    Commissioned by the performers with the kind funding of Wihuri fund.
  • Charged 1 (2015), 7′, eight cellos
    Premiered and commissioned by Martti Rousi, Jaani Helander, Lauri Kankkunen, Jonathan Roozeman, Markus Hallikainen, Oskari Holopainen, Barbara Musafia and Lauri Rantamoijanen.
  • Music for sextet “Shattered land” (2015), 15′, ob,bsn,cor,prc,vl,vla
    Premiered by Zagros ensemble
  • Pianoquartet “Chasse-Neige” (2014), 13′, vl/vla/vlc/pf pdf
    Premiered by Ensemble Recherche
    Download parts
  • Schatten-Spiel (2014), 4′, rec/vl/perc
    Premiered by Sauli Zinovjev as a conductor and Carolin Hettler (rec), Duru Seong (vl), Minami Shinichi (perc)
  • Sonaatti-Fantasia (2010), 12′, vlc/pf
    Premiered by Lauri Kankkunen, cello and Sauli Zinovjev, piano
  • Binomi (2010), 3′, fl/bsn
    Premiered by Antti Salovaara (bsn) and Kaisa Kortelainen (fl)
  • Nocturne (2008), 5′, vlc/pf
    Premiered by Kristian Plink, cello and Peter Lönqvist, piano

Solo works

  • Chained (2015), 8′, accordion pdf
    Premiered and commissioned by Harri Kuusijärvi with the funding of Madetoja Foundation.
  • Arco (2014), 7′, versions available for pdf violin, pdf viola and pdf cello
    Premiered by Aleksander Tengesdal
  • Epilogi (2013), 8′, piano pdf
    Premiered by Hanna-Mari Kousa
  • Elegietta (2013), 2′, guitar pdf
    Premiered by Pekka Koivisto
  • Pianokappale (2011-2012), 8′, piano
    Premiered by Gustav Nyström

Vocal music

  • Requiem (2015-16), 23′, SATB/vlc
    Commissioned by Mattias Rodrick with the funding of Teosto Fund and MES.
  • Charged 2 (2016), 3′, sopr/8vlc (D.von Liliencron, in German)
    Premiered by soprano Piia Komsi and cellists Martti Rousi, Lauri Kankkunen, Jonathan Roozeman, Markus Hallikainen, Oskari Holopainen, Marina Vidal Valle, Barbara Musafia and Lauri Rantamoijanen.
  • Maailma valehtelee (2015), 2′, sopr/pf (M. Rekola, in Finnish)
    Premiered by Milla Mäkinen and Tuula Hällström
  • Runo Runosta (2011-2012), 3′, sopr/ (U. Kailas, in Finnish)
    Premiered by Milla Mäkinen, Otto Tolonen and Angel Molinos
  • Kirkastus (2010), 6′, bar/piano (A. Kouta, in Finnish)
    Premiered by Jani Kyllönen and Iina Harjula


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