Batteria, (2016) performed by Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra conducted by André De Ridder


Gryf, (2013) performed by Lahti Symphony Orchestra conducted by Okko Kamu

Kamu Okko_5_Photo Markus Henttonen_2011


Chained, (2014) performed by Harri Kuusijärvi


“Die Welt – Ein Tor”, (2017) performed by Sirja Nironen and Sibelius-Academy Symphony Orchestra conducted by Atso Almila


Pianoquartet “Chasse-Neige”, (2014) performed by ensemble recherche

Syrjä, (2016) performed by dancers Laura Sorvali & Jussi Suomalainen directed by Vilma Tihilä, video by Tommi Mustaniemi and music performed by Sauli Zinovjev, piano, Ulriikka Heikinheimo, violin, Vuokko Lahtinen, viola & Marina Vidal, cello