Selected list of compositions by Sauli Zinovjev

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  • Wiegenlied (2020), 11′, (3333/4331/1+3/hp/archi) pdf
    Commissioned by the Oslo Philharmonic, Gothenburg Symphony and Helsinki Philharmonic orchestras. Will be premiered 20.8.2020 by the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Klaus Mäkelä.
  • Piano concerto (2019), 27′, (2333/4331/1+3/pf.solo/archi) pdf
    Commissioned by the Finnish and Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestras. Will be premiered 1.4.2020 (premiere postponed due to Covid-19 pandemic) by Vikingur Olafsson and the Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra conducted by Klaus Mäkelä.
  • Un Grande Sospiro (2018), 22′, (2222/2200/2/archi) pdfpdf
    Commissioned by Tapiola Sinfonietta, Kymi Sinfonietta & Orchestre de Chambre de Lausanne. Premiered 25.10.2019 by Tapiola Sinfonietta conducted by Klaus Mäkelä.
  • Batteria (2016), 11′, (3333/4331/1+3/pf/hp/archi) pdfpdfpdf
    Commissioned by the Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE. Premiered by André de Ridder and the Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra 1.2.2017..
  • Violin concerto “Der Leiermann” (2017), 25′, (2232/4330/1+1/hp/vl.solo/archi) pdf
    Commissioned by Oulu Sinfonia. Premiered by Pekka Kuusisto & Oulu Symphony Orchestra cond. Johannes Gustavsson 19.10.2017.
  • “Die Welt – Ein Tor”, Concerto for Cello & Orchestra (2017), 16′, (2222/2200/1+1/vlc.solo/archi) pdf
    Commissioned by the Paulo Foundation as a centenary gift to Finland. Premiered by Sirja Nironen, vlc & Sibelius Academy Symphony Orchestra conducted by Atso Almila in February, 2018 at SibaFest.
  • Recharged (2015/2018), 6′, strings pdf
    Premiered by Ostrobothanian Chamber Orchestra conducted by Klaus Mäkelä.
  • Sospirando 4 (2019), 6′, strings (orig. 2vl/vla/2vlc)pdf
  • Gryf (2013), 16′, (2222/2210/1perc+timp/archi)  pdfpdf
    Premiered by Kymi Sinfonietta conducted by Yasuo Shinozaki.


  • Sospirando 1 “Awake” (2017), 5-7′, 3-4 percussion pdfpdf
    Commissioned by Awake Percussion.
  • Sospirando 2 “Folio” (2018), c.13-17′, vlc+acc (with optional amplification)pdf
    Commissioned by Harri Kuusijärvi.
  • A Due (2016), 7′, flute & guitar pdf
    Premiered by Hanna Juutilainen & Markku Laakso at 5.2.2016 in Sellosali, Espoo.
    Commissioned by the performers with the kind funding of Wihuri fund.
  • Pianoquartet “Chasse-Neige” (2014), 13′, vl/vla/vlc/pf pdfpdf
    Premiered by Ensemble Recherche
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  • Chained (2015), 8′, accordion pdfpdfpdf
    Premiered and commissioned by Harri Kuusijärvi with the funding of Madetoja Foundation.
  • Epilogi (2013), 8′, piano pdf
    Premiered by Hanna-Mari Kousa


  • Mirkka Rekola songs (2015-18), 10′, sopr/pf pdf
    (M. Rekola, in Finnish)
    Premiered by Tuuli Lindeberg & Minttu Siitonen
  • Requiem (2015-16), 23′, SATB/vlc pdf
    Commissioned by Mattias Rodrick. Premiere 16.11.2019 with Mattias Rodrick & Gustaf Sjökvists Kammarkör conducted by Florian Benfer.

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